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Almost 49 years together…

I enjoyed Christmas with my family last week.  My mom walked in with an arsenal of pies, tins full of snacks, cakes, and of course crates full of packages neatly wrapped with the bows on the side (of course!)….so she could assemble them here to keep them looking nice.  I’m not kidding.  There’s little, domestically  speaking, that my mom and I can share.  I use yarn on my packages and toss them under the tree.  I don’t mind mixing my silverware patterns, I don’t own the proper kitchen items, and almost always run out of ice.  But I did plan ahead this year and had plenty of spiced cider, cranberry/cilantro relish, hot chocolate, candy canes, Wii games and more, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

At some point before they drove home, I had them stand out back  for some photos.  It’s wonderful to see your parents still happy, even happier than they were when they were first married and younger, and know that even as their kid, you’ve no idea what all they’ve endured, learned and gone through together.  We’ll Celebrate their 49th Wedding Anniversary this year.  Here’s to them!


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