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Workshop with Raul Touzon

JH-0709Last Weekend beginning Thursday evening through Sunday, I had the privilege of attending a heavily discounted workshop due to a scheduling conflict with an amazing photographer.  For about 1/7th of the cost, I got to study under Raul Touzon, National Geographic Photographer.  NatGeo has been his main publisher but he works with many different publications and organizations.  He showed up his work in Sudan for the UN on The Price of Peace and The Price of War and we were fortunate enough to hear about his experience there. I was completely engaged the entire time and grateful for the experience.

Raul can be tough, but I very much enjoyed him and this workshop.  I enjoyed hearing what was working and wasn’t working in my work and others’ work too.  It was the kind of workshop where you walk away a better photographer.  I look so forward to putting a lot of what I learned to work as I begin to research and plan out my trips to both Mexico and Africa later this year and early 2011.

Raul pushes you, and wants you to work on things you’re there to learn. He has strong opinions, and doesn’t like to see people staying in their comfort zones. In my case, stop shooting portraits with my 50 mm lens.  Use a wider lens and create environmental portraits.  After the first day, he laid down the law with me… no more close portraits.

I would recommend anyone interested in telling stories with photography to take his workshop.  He not only teaches photography skills and techniques, but demands all photos be shot manually, flash off the camera, dialing your flash up or down manually as well.  He absolutely does not allow any edits to your photos at all for critique, meaning no cropping, no contrast, no NOTHING.

I loved the experience. Here’s a few shots from that workshop and here’s the website for Raul.  http://www.touzonphoto.com.

in true Raul Touzon form, these photos have not been touched or edited.